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Year 5 Class News 

In Year 5, we've been off to a flying start! So far this term, we’ve been exploring the power of persuasive texts in English and the connection between fractions and decimals in Mathematics. We’ve also started a new inquiry project in Digital Technologies. This task involves us writing a proposal to Mr Tuohy on why we should run a whole school restaurant. We’re looking forward to surveying students around the school on what they’d like at our restaurants

In Religious Education, we’ve been busy learning all about the leaders of the Catholic Church! Come visit our classroom some time to see our informative posters about Pope Francis! You can learn all about his early life, the role of a Pope and how Pope Francis has served the community. 

This term, we’ve also been enjoying working collaboratively with our Year One buddies! For example, as preparation for Lent, we created random acts of kindness bags with them. Now each day, we pick out a slip of paper which tells us what random act of kindness we need to do that day! We also helped our buddies investigate different facts about insects in Science!