At St Denis, the Kindergarten program endeavours to create an environment where children learn through free play, discovery, hands-on activities and teacher directed activities, which are appropriate to their developmental level.

The Kindergarten environment aims to:

  • Curriculum-kindergartenDevelop a sense of wonder about God
  • Allow children to be children
  • Provide rich experiences that are stimulating, hands-on, creative and challenging
  • Foster in each child an enthusiasm and joy for learning
  • Develop their pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills
  • Develop the ability to communicate verbally and non-verbally their thoughts, ideas and feelings
  • Encourage socialisation and positive relationships
  • Develop their fine and gross motor skills
  • Encourage a healthy moral awareness
  • Make Kindergarten a place where children feel comfortable and valued, in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Our planning is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines. This describes the broad parameters, structure, principles and outcomes required to enhance children’s learning from birth to five. It focuses on: play-based intentional learning; the role of teachers in facilitating children’s learning; five outcomes and seamless transition from learning in childcare to learning in school. It also has strong links to the Australian Curriculum and the WA Curriculum.

The Kindergarten program is developed through the interest of the children. During a term, one or more topics may be covered. Most of the activities, reading material and discussions focus on developing knowledge about the topic.

The children will attend one physical education session per week with our specialty PE teacher. They also participate in one music session per week with our music specialist teacher.

The Kindergarten is arranged into a variety of learning centres in which the children can visit during indoor activity time. Children will also complete teacher directed activities during the sessions.

Outdoor time is when the children can run around and play with their friends. A variety of equipment is set up each day to help to develop their gross motor skills.