At St Denis, our Pre-Primary endeavours to provide a learning environment that is concerned with the development of the whole child.

The program offered to children at Pre-Primary is based on the Australian Curriculum and is delivered in a play based environment.

Pre-Primary is the first year that children attend school on a full-time basis. It provides a sound introduction to schooling for children and sets the foundation for future school learning.

The Learning Program

In Pre-Primary the majority of the learning is carried out through structured and unstructured play in the learning centres.

The learning centres are planned to develop key concepts, skills and attitudes that correspond to current curriculum and developmentally appropriate practices in Early Childhood Education. Interaction in these areas is beneficial to the child’s spiritual, social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Throughout the year we will be working to assist the development of the following skills, values and attitudes in each child in the following ways:

  • to develop the awareness of God in all aspects of their life
  • to provide a smooth transition from home to school
  • to develop a positive self-esteem for each child
  • to develop social skills necessary for interaction with peers and adults
  • to assist acquisition of independent skills
  • to assist the development of language skills (the language program is integrated into all aspects of the Pre-Primary program)
  • to develop pre-reading, writing and mathematic skills as a foundation for ongoing learning
  • to promote the development of the whole child; physical, spiritual, emotional, social and intellectual

Curriculum-pre primary